Agora watch

Bored of your old-school timepiece? Feeling too mainstream with your Apple Watch? Want something new?

Are you a maker? Geek? Fashion trendsetter?

Maybe Agora watch is something for you. It features e-paper display, 3D printed body and  open-source software.

The biggest advantage of this watch is that everything is open and customizable. Don’t like the color of the body? Print it with a different material. Even don’t like the shape? Change it.

Software is open-source and is written in C. If you have enough programming skills you can improve it in your way. From changing the font to adding tetris or sokoban-like game. It’s up to you. The heart of this watch is the same ATmega328 you know from world famous Arduino.

Interested? Great! So you probably want more information about this project.

More information and pictures coming soon. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at