Agora watch project

is a open source, open hardware platform for wrist watch and table watch with e-paper display. It’s based on 8-bit Atmel AVR processor ATmega328P. Mechanical parts for the watch are designed to be made on 3D printer.

Agora watch
Agora clock

What is the point of this project?

The point is to create real-life usable watch with e-paper display with common functions like alarm and calendar. When it will success, I want to make it more “smart” – add some wireless connectivity. But always with simplicity in mind.

What’s my motivation?

I am fascinated with e-paper displays. They are very different from the TTF displays you can find on every smartphone. They are passive with very small power consumption and their readability on direct light is amazing. I also like the idea that I can customize the appearance of the watch with my own fonts and pictures.

What does the “Agora” mean?

Agora – (in ancient Greece) a public open space used for assemblies and markets.

I would like to create a community around this project that would share improvements. That’s the reason why I published the source code and schematics.

What is the current state of this project?

The wristwatch part is going very well – I wear it everyday for about a year. It has an alarm function with vibration that wakes me up to work and it has a decent battery life. I’m working on firmware updates and also on the aesthetics of the mechanical part.

The table watch (the clock) is not now my main concern. I have a working prototype on my bedside table. I made it about half year ago, it’s still running and doing it’s main job – to show time. But I have some good ideas in my head and I’m slowly working on it.